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OEM Used Auto Parts & Parts Library

AP1 Marketplace Vendors


We are currently accepting a small group of sellers to sell in our website. If interested, please email us at ap1marketplacekc@gmail.com.


  • Free listing under our AP1 Marketplace categories.
  • Maximum 10 listings per seller.
  • Seller keep 100% of the profit.
  • We offer our customer a 30 days warranty. So, payment will be send to you via PayPal 30 days after delivery.
  • Seller can contact us to "mark sold" the listing at anytime. Listing will still be listed. Listing and pictures will be a autopartOne properties and cannot request to be delete. 
  • We only accept auto parts in used condition.
  • Seller information require.
  1. Full name. (first & last).
  2. Active email address.
  3. PayPal email address.


  • Front page Listing $1 a day.




AP1 Marketplace Sample

How does it work? You send us the picture of the item you wish to sell and fill out the inventory form, send it to us and we will do the rest.

After the item is sold. We will send you the buyer shipping information and you have 2 business days to ship it out from a shipper of your choice.

Seller is responsible for shipping the item and update us with the tracking information.




Best shipping options.

0-15.9 oz - USPS first class.

1-3 lbs - USPS priority. max box size, 12x12x8.

1-4 lbs - small item that will fit in a USPS priority small flat rate box.

3-70 lbs - heavier item that can fit in to a USPS medium flat rate or large flat rate box.

Larger item - UPS or Fedex. 

*All priority boxes are free from your local post office. USPS Priority boxes require shipper to use USPS Priority Service only.



Inventory tag form Download Link


Inventory tag information.

Vehicle Fitment: please also add what models it will fit.

  1. example 1: 85-89 MR2 4AGE Only. 
  2. example 2: 92-95 Civic Hatchback Only.
  3. example 3 89-92 Supra All Models. turbo and non turbo.


Price: full asking price, asking price for the item for sale plus the shipping charge.

  • example: item price 35.00 + Shipping Charge 5.00 = 40.00


after saving all files, please rar or zip them in to one file and send it to ap1marketplacekc@gmail.com.




*We reserve the right to revise and cancel the item at anytime.

*We reserve the right to change the seller's policy and information on this page at anytime.